maak plasing gnstling Rideshare - Montreal to Toronto Sunday August 19 at 5:30pm (guy concordia station) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

rit aangebied

I'm leaving from Montreal going to Toronto August 19 at 5:30pm

Montreal to Toronto = 40$

Pickup location is Guy Concordia station Dropoff location is Scarborough Town Centre or Union Station downtown Toronto.

I own a web design and marketing company and I drive often to see clients in and around the Ontario and Quebec Province.

I drive from Montreal to Toronto and back to Montreal every week with over 200 rideshares done. I'm an experienced driver with 10 years of driving experience and frequent trips to Toronto and back to Montreal.

My description as a driver

- 12/20 Vision
- Ability to sustain attention over long period of time on the road
- Careful driver
- Cat like reflexes
- Safety first

I drive a Red Audi A4 If you want to book please give me a call at wys kontakinligting
  • moet my NIE met ongevraagde dienste of aanbiedinge kontak nie

plsing-ID: 6673290378


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