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I'm offering free bagpipe lessons. Bagpiping is my passion in life, and i'd love to pass the torch to someone else. The lessons are $20/per lesson, and you'll be expected to pay for your first practice chanter (the flute-like contraption you'll be learning on), as well as your first set of pipes (when the time comes). All ages are welcome. Basic musical knowledge is definitely a plus, but not mandatory. I'll teach you how to read music and how to play the instrument. I can travel to your home, or I can give lessons at my home in the west island. Send me an email with a brief little paragraph about yourself, and we can get the ball rolling! :)

*Please note, that if you're interested, learning how to play the bagpipes is not an easy task. It may take time for you to be proficient enough to graduate to the actual bagpipes. It's one of the hardest instruments to learn, but with it comes a whole world of culture and lifestyle.
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