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Mission Statement "Educating students and professionals through private instruction, with concepts and techniques necessary to achieve the highest standards within the contemporary music scene."

and much more.. YouTube Sample Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=704ET-4b0X0

BEST REPSONSE Visit my Official Website & peruse the Policty details & Contact Page & send an email http://www.JacobKaye.com
My primary job is to make drummers better players! (Chops & Independence)

I teach the Moeller Method, a "time-tested concept" which I learned directly from Jim Chapin (20th century's most influential drum teacher). Every student, young and old, student and pro, male and female, will find this an essential prerequisite concept to any serious advanced studies.

This concept shifts your paradigm learning the instrument to a more relaxed & open approach (chops & independence)

Individualized "one-one-one" tailored instruction is the best approach to learn the instrument. I am consistent in dedication to teaching solid fundamental technique & musicality. In these lessons you can:

1) Learn proper hand technique to avoid injury (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome etc.) to yourself
2) Develop Hand Speed (Moeller Method
3) Learn and master the key rudiments for hand development. (master is significantly different than knowing)
4) Improve your sight reading & chart reading
5) Develop coordinated independence skills.
6) Develop a musical foundation & "time-center" with and without a click - that becomes seamless in all musical styles

Technique, as valuable as it is, it isn't all I teach. It's a Process:Technique to Musicality to Feel" teaching drummers how to become tasteful and creative MUSICIANS!!
and much more.. YouTube Sample Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=704ET-4b0X0

Quote: "Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!... hands from hell!" Jim Chapin (20th century's most influential drum teacher)
The ultimate goal is to determine a player's individual "next level", then work on the skills to get there.

Interested in more? Contact me at http://www.JacobKaye.com
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