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I'm 32 yo (I look a lot younger though), cute, slim, 5'11, brown skin.
I'd like to meet a girl (18-30 yo) who wants a serious relationship with a cuckold boyfriend.
I'm not endowed, I cum too fast and I have weak erections. I'm looking for a girlfriend who wants to be free to have sex with other guys who can fuck her way better than I ever could, while I'll have to be entirely faithful to her. In bed, I'm happy to mostly service her orally, eat her pussy and ass, worship her feet. I'd really love to have a girlfriend who wants me to watch her get fucked by other guys, to eat her out while she's getting fucked at the same time, to always clean her up orally after she fucked someone else.
I'm looking for a girl who loves the cuckold lifestyle, but who also wants a real relationship with a faithful, attentive and loving boyfriend who likes to spend time with her, to cuddle a lot, to do romantic activities etc.
Please tell me about yourself and send pics if interested.
PS: Je parle français aussi donc n'hésite pas !
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