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Hi, I'm a student at Concordia University and I'm looking for participants for an art project based on change. Specifically, I am looking for people with a story that I can document through photography.

The type of story I am looking for is centered on the idea of change. A moment or choice that you experienced which impacted you in a significant way. It can be as simple or complex as you want, so long as it has had the consequence of change in your life.

I would take your portrait in the environment that this moment of change occurred. If this if not possible, then in another environment that bears a likeness to it. Following that, I would photograph key elements pertaining to your story. This can take the form of objects, spaces, or people.

I am creating this project as a final presentation for a class, and It will be presented to a small group of peers in the class. I have a fairly open and flexible schedule. Ideally, I would like to meet and discuss the project with those interested before proceeding with the project so we can come up with a general plan. Participants must also be able to speak enough English so that you feel comfortable telling a story.

Feel free to contact me via cell, text, or email.
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